Monday, December 05, 2005

Calgary air sucks (and I'm lazy)

Okay, so I suck and I'm irresponsible. I've been kind of busy with work lately, the government fell and there will be an election in January (and I'm not even sure if I'm registered to vote in my constituency and the government isn't being very helpful at telling me), and, well, I'm lazy. So very, very lazy.

But it's December, and Calgary has kicked out from a mild, crisp, beautiful fall into a hellish, driving snow, wasteland of cold. I went out this morning and the snow felt like I was being bombarded by thumbtacks. Dry snow hurts like a bitch.

But I had to go out, because now that I'm experiencing my first real prairie winter, I needed some George's Cream. It's this really heavy cream developed for people with problem skin who live in Calgary, and while I just started using it this morning (with gloves overtop because this stuff is the greasiest product I have ever put on my hands- and I've used Aquaphor) it's already made my hands look much better, especially the spaces between my fingers where my rings rub against the skin.

I used to use Aroma Crystal Therapy Gardener's Dream Cream but the scent was overwhelming, and it honestly isn't as good as this new stuff. But I suppose it would work if you don't live in a semi-desert.

However, it's still not as cold as Toronto because there is no great lake to get a breeze off of, so Calgary wins there.

In other moisterizing news, I am enamoured with Vaseline Renew and Protect lotion. It's like a less harsh AHA lotion and it even has a mild sunscreen in it (it's SPF 6 or something ridiculous like that, but it's better than nothing). I'm pretty religious about moisterizing, but my skin has never really felt this soft. After about five days, I could really tell it was working, and I'm really pleased with it. I don't mind splurging on face products, but I can't justify spending upwards of $60 on half a litre of body lotion, especially not the way I go through it.

As for the hair, I bought two of those huge bottles of Thermasilk at Costco the other day. I like the way it makes my hair feel as I blowdry, but am I the only person who gets a distinctive whiff of marijuana from the shampoo? The first time I used it, I thought it was just because I had been at a concert before using it, but I smell it every time now. It's not the strongest scent in the shampoo, and assuming that no one can smell it on my hair afterwards, I'm not going to complain, but it's still off-putting. The conditioner doesn't seem to have the same problem.

At least through this shampoo, I've discovered that my boyfriend really likes women who wear perfume in their hair rather than on their body. Who knew?