Saturday, October 01, 2005

Still here but living in the past

So I'm not dead. Six (seven?) months after the move, I've finally finished the unpacking. It wasn't anything too major we had left, but we have a little storage cubicle in the basement, and we just shoved our boxes in there and forgot about them. Work has been a little slow lately, so I've been downstairs digging through the boxes and figuring out what to toss and to keep (I also found a box completely filled with booze, and both my boyfriend and I are kind of amazed at what lushes we must have looked like to the moving company). Midway through the clean up, I came across a few boxes of my old college possessions, which I hadn't unpacked from when I graduated from university and moved into my apartment in Toronto. So I've spent the last few weeks shifting through old clothes (mostly zip up cable knit cardigans and jeans, but I've found some old home made message T-shirts that I accused my mother of throwing out my senior spring break. Colour me embarrassed) posters from my dorm room (later crappy off-campus apartment with silverfish in the bathtub), thrift store/relative gifted cooking utensils, and- be still my heart- books. I've been reading books that I didn't even bother to read when, you know, my midterm grade rested solely on them. I never sold my books back because they paid a pittance for them, so even if I hated the class, I kept them out of spite.

This entry has nothing to do with fashion. So here's a link to Frilly Lizard. It's not nearly as exciting as the store is, but it'll do. And if you're ever in the Golden Horseshoe area, it's worth the drive.

I'm going to go read 'Oedipus Rex' now. For the first time.


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