Sunday, September 11, 2005


I was out late last night committing all sorts of acts of debauchery, and so today I've been lounging around the house feeling like a complete bum. My neighbour's girlfriend came over to beg some make up remover off me, and as she was leaving she looked me up and down (I'm wearing dark wash jeans, a red spaghetti-strap tank top, one of my boyfriend's shirts, a chunky beaded necklace, and some bracelets I bought for about $3 each in Chinatown. And the world's most garish socks) and said "you look really good today" before leaving.

The hell?

Usually when this woman sees me, I'm leaving to go somewhere where humans will see me, and so I'm dressed in a skirt or dress and heels and a blazer and all sorts of girly accroutrements. And the only time she has ever complimented my appearance is when I'm wearing men's clothing? I thought only men were supposed to be so clueless as to find the oversized shirt thing cute.

Of course, this is also a woman who thinks it's appropriate to knock on the door of a person who basically she just knows on a courtesy nod basis and ask for beauty products. Maybe she's just a freak. Because I would hate for something this low-effort to actually become my new standard. It's a low decline into slothville and sweatpants in public from there.


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