Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mystery Woman

So I am now officially a stalker. Not in the registered-with-my-local-authorities sort of way, but in a way that I got my roll of film back today and realized that I had taken a photo of a woman a few weeks ago because I really liked her outfit.

I have no idea how to work the scanner (it's one of those scanner/fax/photocopier dealies and I figure it's best to just leave it alone lest it accidentally open a wormhole or something), so I ended up taking a photograph of this photograph (which is such meta theatre that I'm sure that Josh Schwartz is locked away in his office right now typing away "Seth takes a digital photograph of the photograph of Summer. The Arcade Fire plays in the background"). It's blurry, but that's fine, because for all I know this woman could be in the witness protection program.

It's a deceptively simple outfit, but I think I'm in love with that skirt (It also has Botticelli's Venus and a face detail that I think was by DaVinci but isn't the Mona Lisa). If not for the fact that the Prime Minister had started walking towards the cake (it was the Alberta Centennial celebration) and I was surrounded by a huge group of people I would have accosted her to find out where she got it. But she's working it, simply because the rest of the outfit is so simple. I like the cut of the black shirt, I think the ballet flats are cute, and you can't really see it too closely, but that's an awesome bag. The fabric is black and grey herringbone, the top of the fabric part is attached to two wooden strips, and then the handles are attached to the wood. I think I like it more than the skirt, simply because it looks so versatile. Really the only thing I take issue with in this is the slouching. If only because Quasimodo would not be able to wear this skirt nearly as well.

I feel kind of bad for posting her picture, but her identity's obscured, so I'm not completely guilty about it. Besides, I think she'd be flattered. After taking out the restraining order.


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Blogger afp763389 said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also spy the famous Girl with a Pearl Earring on that skirt... It's so not my style but yes, this girl is really rocking it.

8:07 AM  
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