Thursday, August 04, 2005

...yes, appearances ARE everything

I have been having a lousy day where little things that could go wrong, did. I got stuck in traffic because a U-Haul broke down, I got lost trying to find my new dermatologist, I had to wait for an hour and a half for my appointment anyway, I appear to have lost one of my brand new bras, I dropped a pile of paper and now all my work is completely out of order, and my boyfriend is out of town so I'll have to dig through my closet for my plush pug, Herman, to cuddle away my woes. Ah, August. Why do you torment us so? We should be all lying on the beach, sipping fruity-rummy beverages with umbrellas, and letting the world move by. Maybe Green Day wants to sleep through September, but August is and always will be the cruellest, most stagnant month. A month that is too hot to shop for fall clothes, but too late to care about summer ones. Damn you, Auguest.

Originally I thought that I could cure my woes by admiring the simplicity and sauciness of this skirt, but then I realized that I've been spending more time with my beer than I have been with my treadmill. It's making the size 0 model look like she has a gut. It would make me look like Homer Simpson.

I then read this Daniel Akst article that I found via Jack and Hill and it depressed me more. I think I agree with it, but I'm not sure. Mostly because I think that most attractiveness is in the attitude of a person, and quite frankly, I don't think I've ever met a person who's primary attire is sweatpants and who hasn't repulsed me. It's not so much the idea that a person has to aspire to some twiggy or pre-set standard of beauty, nor do they have to spend thousands of dollars. Putting the effort into your appearance just gives you that extra oomph that you need. Taking care of yourself equals taking pride in yourself, and that itself is what projects that attractiveness.

I'm not arguing that looks are completely unimportant, because superficially they are the first thing that draws a person to us. In a photograph, that might be the only indicator of attractiveness, but there are still things like eye contact, posture, and facial expression to consider. A scowling beauty might not photograph as nicely as a smiling average woman.

I just think there are too many variables to empirically measure attractiveness. And attractive is such an arbitrary word. I don't find men that I'm "supposed" to find attractive actually attractive. I think Paul Walker is duller than an interview with Nicole Richie, but I'm intrigued by the caginess of Paulo Costanzo's features. If that makes sense.

Okay, I just sort of launched myself into this argument without thinking it through first, and what I'm trying to say is that appearances matter, but your attitude shines through in your appearance. If you take the time to put on mascara, and put on a nice outfit, the time to accessorize, and maybe spritz on a little cologne, you're just going to feel better about yourself, and that is going to show. If you roll out of bed and throw a hoodie over top of your pajamas (yeah, what's up with that? I see high school girls doing that all the time and it weirds me out. When I was in high school, even on days when I had five minutes to catch the bus I still managed to put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Hoodies are the enemy, girls. They swallow your torso and make you into a big, amorphous blob. Just say no) not only do you look like you have poor hygene practises, you're going to go through the day reflecting to people the fact that you just don't care about your appearance. And that in turn lowers your attractiveness.

I'm not suggesting that we have to go back to top hats and stockings and garters. All I'm suggesting is that maybe we all take the time to look like we give a damn about ourselves. Say what you want about not conforming to society's standards, taking the time to look good shows that you also take the time to feel good.

Yes. I'm done with this lameass rant. I'm going to go find Herman, now.


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