Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sunscreen and Cowboys

I am a bad person for two reasons. One, I should be working right now, but instead I spent the morning thus far walking to get a smoothie and then coming back to the computer and surfing through the beauty sites. Why? Because of reason number two of why I am a bad person: I don't wear sunscreen. I should. I live in the sunshine capital of Canada, but I have difficulty finding a sunscreen that doesn't make me feel like a big, greasy, dumpy mess. Wearing sunscreen is for me the skincare equivalent of wearing sweatpants. No matter how awesome I may believe that I am, I find it very hard to find myself anything but boring and sloppy in sweatpants. The greasy... greasiness of sunscreen depresses me like few other things. I tried the Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock but it was still greasy (I had to use blotting papers before I even attempting slapping on some concealer and mascara) and it broke me out. I tried it again, layering my Kiehl's Blue Herbal Moisterizer (which is, as Badger would say, my Holy Grail) underneath the Neutrogena, and it was a little better, but it was like upgrading from sweatpants to a broomstick skirt. So not that great.

In my search, I've come across one product that looks extremely promising, DDF Matte Finish Photo-Age Protection SPF 30. I'd actually like something in a higher SPF, seeing as how I am pale to the point of translucency, but I'll take what I can get. This stuff look promising. Sadly, I have moved from a city that has not one but two glorious Sephoras, to a city which has zero. I'll either order it over the internet and take my chances or stop in at Holts. They might not carry the line, but they usually know where to go to get the things I desire.

On the Holy Useless, Batman! front, there is the Shu Uemura UV Under Base SPF 8. I don't really use Shu Uemura products, I don't think I've ever bought any in my life, but I've gotten Shu Uemura (most notably that world famous eyelash curler which I first got when I was in my teens and it was a serious upgrade from my sparkly pink eyelash curler that matched my caboodles kit full of make up) as gifts, and it's always been amazing. I'd love to try the underbase, but SPF 8 sounds like what I'd need on a day when I'm scurrying from the car into the gym, not what I'd need if I so much as go for a walk. Heed my plea, Shu Uemura folks.

I also don't get Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42 PA+++. Firstly, the letters at the end? Mean nothing to me. And also, I don't get why it's advertised as SPF 42, but each colour gradient appears to have a different SPF. And who was the rocket scientist who figured that the less melatonin a person naturally had in her skin, the less sun protection she needed? Because if this was the opposite, and they were offering SPF 70 for my paleness, I would be all over this like *insert Paris Hilton and/or Colin Farrell joke here* But otherwise... that makes no sense. Way to ruin my morning, Shiseido.

Speaking of mornings being ruined, this morning on my smoothie run, I ran into my first real Stampede breakfast in downtown Calgary. Working mainly from home, I don't really tend to be outside before noon, so it was a total surprise to me. I was just wondering why the music they were playing on Stephen Avenue (normally a delightful jazz, although a few weeks after moving here, I did hear 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald') was so godawful, and then before I scuttled into Bankers Hall I realized that there was a breakfast going on at ATB and they had a live band singing covers of contemporary country songs. I witnessed a whole lot of denim on denim, and no one seemed to realize why this was a mistake.

I don't get Calgary. I move here and everyone tries to assure me that it's a great, cosmopolitan city with a great arts scene and lovely restaurants and blah blah blah world class citycakes. Then four months later they're putting hay bales in their lawyers office, wearing cowboy hats and several pieces of denim AT THE SAME TIME, and randomly shouting 'yahoo!' like someone tasered them and they wonder why Torontonians make fun of them? I don't get it.


Blogger whitepoppy said...

I am a fellow pale faced lady, and I too hate going abroad because of the single fact that I have to wear suncream all over my body and go to bed sticky. I have yet to find a non sticky body sunscreen, however Clearasil does a mattifying moisturiser that has an SPF in it. I think it's 12 or 15 but whatever it is, it's stood up to the sun the days I've been abroad and couldn't be arsed to wear any other form of sun protection!

2:06 PM  
Blogger pony said...

i burn super-easily, and can't take greasiness either. I stuck with the neutrogena and after the first 3 days it stopped bugging my skin etc. It's worth sticking with. And it's not TOO pricy.
Do you know a good under-eye bag reducing something or other?

12:54 PM  
Blogger Badger said...

Well that's weird. My Shu Uemura UV Underbase, which is 2 or 3 years old, is SPF 17. Why on earth would they reduce the SPF? I may have to write them a nasty letter. However, the UV Underbase leaves a bit of tint behind and I fear it may be too dark for you anyway.

Have you tried Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydrator (or something like that -- it's at It has SPF 15, which is the only thing that keeps it from being my holy grail (hello, I'm in TX -- SPF 15 may as well be water).

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Bruno said...

What namely you are writing is a horrible mistake.

7:16 AM  

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