Sunday, July 03, 2005

Party skin

I hope that everyone is recovering from Canada Day better than I am. Next time someone offers to split a bottle of wine at 2 in the morning? The proper response is "hell no!"

I was going to post an adorable HBC Signature bikini for everyone to covet over this holiday weekend, but it turns out that you can't shop online at The Bay. This is why they keep losing money, people. And then I was going to post Canadian and American flag bikinis. But I couldn't find any Canadian ones online, and the only American flag ones I could find were g-strings, and I'm pretty sure that Ben Franklin wouldn't approve of that. And then I drank wine. And then I spent Saturday lying on the couch moaning about my aching head while my beer-drinking boy was all "I told you so." And now I'm back. And I'm sure you're very interested in that.

However, what you will be interested in? Mario Badescu Special Mask for Oily Skin. It's perfect for those nights when you party a little too hard and stagger home and fall into bed without taking your make up off (which I don't recommend. But, you know, it happens). Next day, wash off what hasn't been ground into your pillows, and then slap this on. Normally, after a night in my make up, I would currently resemble a minefield. But it has been kind to my skin, and even kinder considering my stupidity (seriously kids, take off your make up). Best part is? Now you can order from the website, so if you are Canadian or Montanan or West Virginian, you no longer have to make pilgrimages.

Follow it up with Kiehl's Kiehl's Herbal Toner with Mixed Berries and Extracts. Because if you must abuse your skin every once in awhile, pamper it the rest of the time.


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