Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Non-sick crushes

I think David Suzuki is really sexy. He was in a documentary on Hot Type's documentary week last year, and I was all "you're hot, Suzuki." (I know, I'm so eloquent. I'm like Rex Murphy). And my appreciation of David Suzuki can translate into a T-shirt. Which is a really awesome T-shirt. I also like the The Hour T-shirt. Mostly because I think George Strouboulopoulos is nice to look at (which he is. But he's also surprisingly smart. Which makes me feel bad for spending several years being sad that he wasn't Rick the Temp on MuchMusic. Also, while I'm being shallow and mentioning hot people on the CBC, Evan Solomon (host of Hot Type (coincidence? I think not)) is superhot).

To be fair to Canadian programming, I was also going to send you to a link of Corner Gas (which is on CTV) merchandise, but it's all "won't load!!!!!" for me, so there. Then I was going to see if there was any David Reale merchandise from Popcultured (that kid is, like, 19. He's adorable, but he makes me feel dirty. Which no comedian should. All comedians should be at least a year older than me. All comedians should remember Wham!.). But I couldn't find any. So now I'm going to wonder if my crush on David Suzuki, and my crush on David Reale balance out to not make me, like, you know, sick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a friend of Dave's (who just spent the last half hour google-searching him to find posts like this, hahaha) - I can tell you that he a) definitely knows Wham and b) Is very flattered by your crush. Especially since it's on the same post as David Suzuki.

As an additional tidbit, I can also tell you that he knows every word to Ice Ice Baby and will recite the entire song at random, in public.


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