Saturday, July 16, 2005

Nice Colour, Eh?

I'm up at the lake today and it's been pouring pretty continuously. So while I was earlier dreaming about lying out on the dock, slathering myself in sunscreen, and drinking excessively, I instead went into town and wandered through a couple stores, knowing that I was turning into a Saturday shopper (back when I worked in retail in high school we used to hate Saturday shoppers. They were slow, and irritating, and always asked if we could give them a discount on things, as if they were so incredibly special that we had a secret discount that only went out to people who we wanted to beat to death. I have a lot of residual retail-work anger. This is why I like shopping online so much. Anyway.). There was nothing really that struck my fancy, but I did buy two bottles of OPI's Canadian Collection nail polish (I like how they call it 'Nice Color, Eh?' instead of 'Nice Colour, Eh?' But that's just me being pedantic. And by pedantic I mean Saturday shopper). I got Canadian Maple Leaf and Polar Bare. I'm wearing Polar Bear right now and it's pretty decent. Nudes usually look kind of odd on me, because they clash with the pink tones in my skin, but this one is pretty nice. It's the sort of beigey-pink you see on cosmetics packaging from the late sixties and the early seventies. If that makes sense. It makes me think of the tins my grandmother used to keep in her drawers so she could sort out all of her sewing. An Almond Rocha Beige, I guess.

I haven't tried Canadian Maple Leaf, but that's because the rain has let up, and I might be able to at least sit out on a deck chair. I know. Life. It's exciting.


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