Thursday, July 28, 2005

More of a flip flop saga

I'm not proud of it, but I've taken to watching Popcultured lately because I have a thing for Levi MacDougall (however, this show seems to suck the life out of everything it touches. I've seen this guy live and been laughing so hard I thought I'd die and it would have been worth it. But on this show? Eh. Not so much). Sadly he wasn't on tonight. However, some girl who was elimnated from Canadian Idol last night was on as the guest (I know, this show... it's so... highbrow). I wasn't that intrigued because I don't watch Canadian Idol, and her name was Ashley and due to junior high I have a distrust of people named Ashley, and watching the clip of her being eliminated kind of made me laugh. Awful person, I know.

Anyway. They show a close up of her when she's first on the show and I recoil slightly noticing that she's wearing a racerback tank top. I know that it's Popcultured, but it is a television show nonetheless. Chances are the only talk show this girl will ever be on. But I shrug it off and continue eating my microwavable Asian chicken rice bowl (I know, you hear about my jetsetting nonstop party lifestyle and you weep in jealousy). Then they cut to a wide angle shot of her and I actually yelp "oh no she didn't!" to no one in particular. She was wearing flip flops and a denim skirt. On a talk show. Or a comedy show. Whatever you want to call it. Point being, I know it's a crappy show on the Comedy Network that doesn't even have a website. I know it has that annoying kid from The X on it. But it's not Laguna Beach. A line has to be drawn, a gauntlet thrown. Stringing a strand of beads around your neck does not an outfit make.

Especially considering that this is some high end karaoke singer we're talking about. Coming in ninth on Canadian Idol isn't exactly something you should be bragging about, and I can't imagine the quality of guests they were considering if this was the best they could do. I know, it's mean and cliche to trash Canadian Idol (and Canadian television in general) but... come on. A person shows up to their interview in flip flops, you get a new guest. Drag someone in off the street. Chances are they have the approximate same level of fame as this Canadian Idol girl.

Television interviews need to be treated like job interviews. If a person shows up to a job interview in flip flops and denim, chances are they won't get the job. Talk shows need to start having dress codes. I know it's kind of fascist (you know, in the same way that Monica Lewinsky describes things as 'D-Day'), but it's the only way. Stop the slop, people. Stop the slop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Popcultured with Elvira Kurt is so bad it's embarassing, even by Comedy Network and Mike Bullard standards.
Should a comedy series really make so many people ANGRY? Search for this show on the internet and all you find is hate. This show is disgustingly bad!

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