Monday, July 18, 2005


I just got run over by a guy on a skateboard. I'm perfectly fine, probably a little bruised, but I'm like a peach, so that's to be expected. I'm just a little shaken.

Lately I've taken to taking walks around the neighbourhood to orient myself to the city, since I rarely drive, and I find it hard to learn a city when I'm in the passenger seat. So I've been going out each night and walking in one particular direction and seeing what I find. And I really like walking past The Millennium Skate Park. The kids are pretty talented, and it's an interesting way to spend a couple of minutes. Anyway.

So I was walking home past the skate park and there was a kid coming toward me on the sidewalk. I moved to my right and he moved to his left and we collided. He apologized profusely and helped me up right away and kept saying "oh my God, I'm so sorry!" After I was standing again, he grabbed my arm and very earnestly said, "are you all right, ma'am?" I felt a little winded at that. Ma'am? I'm twenty-four! I have a pimple on the side of my nose right now. MA'AM?????

To be fair, when I got home, I kind of could see why he called me ma'am. I have my reading glasses on, my hair is in a bun, and I'm wearing a dark green wrap-sweater, a black skirt that ends below my knees, and black Rocketdog flats I bought a few years ago. I'm dressed like a war widow. The only thing I'm missing is a veil and a handkerchief.

Still, though. Ma'am. I feel so matronly right now.


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