Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I read, but I'm still shallow

Book stores are my version of candy shops. I run in, and I can spend a few hours wandering around looking thoughtfully at dust jackets, picking books up because I like the cover, reading a few pages. I love it. I am a big time reader. While normal sales clerk intimidate me, I love the clerks at book shops, just because they all seem to love books, and not sales.

The best book shop of them all is Munro's in Victoria, but today I went to McNally Robinson and wandered around for a few hours before leaving with a bag full of books. The favourite of them is the new biography of Stephen Harper, Stephen Harper and the Future of Canada. I was kind of hoping that it would be a Kitty Kelly-style scandalicious tell all about Harper's sordid past, but firstly, Stephen Harper is the Al Gore of Canada. He's been intent on leading the country for years, and he's been thinking about his decorum since he was in junior high. Secondly, the guy who wrote it is clearly a hardcore conservative. This is the type of ass-kissing that normally I only see Ben Mulroney attempting on E-Talk Daily.

Rick Mercer has a funny review of it on his blog, and he mentioned one of my favourite things about political biographies: the photos. I read a lot of biographies, and I always love the photos in the centre. Retro hair, bad clothing, leg warmers. It warms the heart. I have a biography of Richard Nixon which shows that he was disturbingly hot as a young man, a couple of Jean Chretien biographies that show that most people are really attractive with the sheen of youth. But I guess that Stephen Harper's cold, dead eyes would always detract from whatever he might have looked like in 1978.

Yeah, I don't know why I've been so shallow lately, either.

Anyway, yes. Books. You should read them. Especially this one. Because it's like a soap opera contained in a first lady.


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When I grow up, I'm totally going to have a store that sells only books, chocolate and shoes. And I'll live there, in a tiny room in the back.

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