Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I just don't want to look like Legolas

The boyfriend caught me looking at Anthropologie's fall line up and laughed at me.

"It's July."
"So the fall fashion season starts now."
"Does it?"
Brief pause.
"Yeah. It does." Another pause. "I need to start shopping now. All these designers live in tropical climates, and I have to find things that I can wear in the snow."
"Calgary is in the sub-desert. It doesn't snow that much here."
"Really?!!" (I can't convey the glee that was in my voice here)
"But it does get down to fifty below zero."

Then he laughed and walked away.

So I took the opportunity to look for a new pair of black boots. I have a pair of black boots, but they have an annoyingly high and clunky heel. The type of heel that isn't incredibly ostentatious on a boot, but is incredibly ugly on a shoe. But I'm looking for something a bit... flatter. And without the clunkiness. Because when I put those things on, I'm over six feet tall, and I have a tendency to fall over a lot (a treasured memory is from a few months before we moved when I was running down Trudelle St. after some friends and I slipped, hung in the air for a couple of seconds, and then landed spectacularly on my ass. I think that it's about time I retire these boots, eh?). So I searched Zappos for some alternatives. I rarely shop at Zappos, but I like using them as a scouting agent to see what brands are carrying what I'm looking for, so I can sort of zero in on what stores I should be going to. Because while I do love shopping, I dislike people, and saleclerks intimidate me. I don't understand, either.

Anyway. I found two pairs of boots that will hold up to ice, snow, and fifty below. This pair of Clarks is nice (are nice? But does "pair" indicate that is a pair of boots, singular? Shouldn't I already know this?). I know that Clarks aren't exactly exciting or anything, but I like the shape of these, and I think they would be cute with a knee length plaid skirt, textured red tights, and a black peacoat with a red scarf and a black beret (I am an accessories sort of gal). There's an appealing classic quality to them, and the soles look like they'd be capable of gripping onto an icy sidewalk.

I'm also fond of these Lauren by Ralph Laurens. However, there's something very... elfy about them. They make me think of Legolas. They're nice from the front and the back, but the sides? I have nothing against Legolas in particular, but other than his spectacular hair, I have no desire to emulate him.

I guess I'll make a stop in at Gravity Pope. A lot of their shoes are simply too over-the-top for me, but they carry a more than decent selection of flats, and the salespeople are always nice. And really, that's all that I ask.