Monday, July 25, 2005

A fit of crazy

I went out yesterday evening and bought a case of beer and then went back to the apartment to sweep and clean and do all those things that are so much more fun with a few Sleemans in you. Then my boyfriend got back from a meeting at about nine o'clock with another case of beer. And we laughed. And then we drank more beer, and we watched Entourage on DVD and I got the bright idea to paint my fingernails. While really, really drunk. Anyway, I was just putting on the base coat when I slopped far too much on my pinky finger, and it started dribbling down my actual skin, there was so much there.

So in a fit of crazy I licked it off.

At the time, I don't remember it being particularly awful, but today there is a patch on my tongue that feels like the taste buds have been burnt off. Because I'm an idiot. So, yes, nail polish and drunkeness don't mix. At least I had the sense to just do the base coat and not cover myself with anything else.

I feel like such an asshat. But it was also kindof funny in that "when I no longer feel injured I will laugh" sort of way.

Also: Entourage is an excellent show. I highly recommend it.


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