Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fashion Magazine

My boyfriend comes home yesterday and hands a magazine called simply Fashion. "Thanks," I mumbled, looking forlornly at the photo of Eva Longoria on the cover.

"I know you like that girl, so I got that for you."
"I hate Eva Longoria."
"You do?"
"Isn't she one of the desperate housewives?"
"I thought you hated Terri Hatcher."
"I have hate to go around."
"Isn't there one of them you like?"
"Yeah. Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross."
"The one from Melrose place?"
"She's so... pointy."

So after that stupid exchange, I actually opened the magazine. I'm actually not much of a fashion magazine reader. I sort of flip through for anything to catch my interest, and then I'm usually done them within about half an hour. I like them for flights to Edmonton, which are mercifully short. Anyway. Fashion Magazine is Canadian. It's also a lameass magazine with no apparent cohesiveness (It's no Lou Lou wich is just a glorious shopping orgy, and which appears to have a bigger lust for Crabtree and Evelyn products than I do), but I do appreciate not having to convert the funds. That was nice, other than that, it was stupid. You know how in Lucky and Lou Lou they do comprehensive lists of where to shop in a particular city in the country? That would be nice. But instead Fashion had a lame report on the runways which sounded like it was plaigiarized from Vogue and some photos of clothing that did nothing to inspire me.

On the plus side, it also didn't have those weepy little "real life" stories that other magazines tend to have that totally interrupt my guilt free drooling over bejeweled tank tops and floaty circle skirts. So plus for them.

All in all, I doubt that I'll ever purposely buy a Fashion Magazine. The name bothers me (why such a definitive name for such a lousy product?) and it was nothing special. However, if (like me) you're bad at math and converting from American funds to Canadian, and you have nothing to do for a couple of minutes, you could do worse. It's less grating than The Western Standard.


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