Friday, July 15, 2005

Chateau Country Lace

I'm wearing a sundress and I am wearing pantyhose. I know. I should be hunted down and hog tied by the fashion police. But I'm going to a party-type-thing at the lake tonight and I know that there will be prolonged outdoor standing and I intend on wearing close-toed shoes, so I think pantyhose is a lesser evil than foot sweat. I don't even know why pantyhose is so maligned. Mine are also covering the rest of the bits of redness on my leg which I got from lolling around on the grass last week (they're not mosquito bites, and I don't think there are blackflies around here, so I think it might just be irritation from the grass itself. That said, for the first few days it looked like leprosy and I was slathering arnica cream on them like crazy. If anyone knows how to quickly get rid of hives (?) caused by grass, drop me a line). But pantyhose? It provides a valuable service. It just has a horrible name.

Anyway. Yeah. No one else seemed to understand why I was so adamant about my right to wear pantyhose for whatever reason I pleased, so I had to share it with you guys. But that's not the reason why I'm writing this article. I thought of another great Calgary shop.

A few weeks ago, some friends dragged us out to The Lazy Loaf and Kettle in Bowness for breakfast. And while that local specialty is also good, I was more taken by the shop across the street, Chateau Country Lace (beware, it's what Jack and Hill call a horribly user-unfriendly Flash site (I don't know why that phrase makes me laugh, but it's my new favourite thing to randomly say). The site doesn't do this store justice. This store is the type of thing that I dreamt about when I was little and I imagined living in a house with an attic. I figured that attics automatically came stuffed with retro treasures that I could plunder for my own fashion. I was a strange child.

Yes, it's a very, very twee shop, but Bowness seems to be a very, very twee place. I picked up some rose soap while I was in there, and a pair of glittery sandals that I just adore. I intend on going back soon, and stocking up a bit more. It's definitely the type of place where you can waste an afternoon just wandering around, poking into the corners, and looking for treasures. Even the most staid minimalist (read: the female half of the friends who came to breakfast with us. The woman thinks bamboo is too decorative) will be taken in. And now I'm dreaming of big floppy hats and jangly bracelets.


Blogger whitepoppy said...

Hey there,
thanks for the random crushes. Bizarre that you're reading a book about string theory, I just gave up trying to read a book called Schroedingers Cat, also about quantum physics. I'm sure it was excellent, it was just a bit beyond my basic science understanding!
Anyway, just wanted to say, I am so with you on the tights front. (I'm British so we call them tights!). Not that that makes them sound any more attractive. They not only make your legs look a darn sight better BUT they also stop your shoes from rubbing and your feet becoming one weeping mass of blisters - a very common complaint in GB I can tell you!

12:44 PM  
Blogger butasong said...

Is Shroedinger's Cat the one about how if you put the cat in a box, it's dead so long as it's in the box? It's all very "if a tree falls in the forest" and... yeah. That sounds even more insane than this book which is all "we have to make the universe out of marble to understand the wood!"

As for the tights/pantyhose, so long as they don't have runs in them, and you're not wearing open-toed shoes, I don't see why they're so maligned.

9:25 AM  
Blogger whitepoppy said...

Yep that's the one, (the cat not the panty hose!)

Have given up that now, just got a delivery of books from Aamzon today - How to be a lady and How to steal a french woman's sense of style.

I intend to be a french aristocrat in a couple of days!

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anselm said...

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