Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bras and Tea

I was doing laundry yesterday morning when I realized how pathetic my underwear collection is lately. I'm not quite sure why I haven't noticed until now, since I've always been a bit of an underwear magpie, and there are few things that make me happier than the knowledge that I have pretty panties on. It just seems like the times when I'm most secure in the knowledge that there will be no one there to see my underwear are the times when my underwear is nicest. Or something like that. Point being, I had to go buy a few bras. I used to go to The Bra Bar (they don't have a website because they are luddites) in Yorkville where the lingerie was excellent, but I hated the sales staff. They were the cruellest, snobbiest, bitchiest women ever, but I kept going there because I'll... put up with a lot of a abuse if there is lingerie involved. I highly recommend The Bra Bar simply for its selection, but the salespeople are evil.

Anyway, so yesterday I ended up at Intimately Yours (why does it seem like all lingerie boutiques are run by luddites? Seriously. It's not difficult to make a website) in Bankers Hall today. It's not quite The Bra Bar, but it's got a decent high-end selection, and the salespeople? My god, I'd forgotten that buying bras shouldn't be a painful and humiliating experience. The woman was completely sweet and lovely, professional without being stuffy. I walked away with four bras, and I was just completely wowed by the whole experience. I know it's a lame thing to get excited about, but for the longest time lingerie shopping was really kind of painful. Either I had to go to The Bra Bar and face the salespeople to get well made underwear, or I had to go to La Senza which I just find to be a really depressing experience. So, yes, if you are in the Calgary area, go to Intimately Yours. It will make you feel so good.

I also found Totalitea, which I'm in love with now. I usually order my tea from Silk Road, but there's something very soothing about going into the shop and browsing through the little sniffing jars, and finding something that works for you. I know, I'm so twee, but I'm making sun tea with the Sunny Island right now, and it'll be so very, very good.


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